The Gallery


For over 25 years the Dalton Somaré Gallery has been an opportunity to meet haute époque African Art and Hindu-Buddhist Ancient Art and to discover their artistic relevance in the panorama of 21st-century art.
Gallery of international profile based in the centre of Milan, cosmopolitan city and among the European capitals of style and art, Dalton Somaré enables to experience the adventure of meeting new aesthetic languages.
It is aimed at art lovers who are looking for works of great historical-cultural intensity and are open to a more contemporary vision of collecting.
The search for the highest examples and the most representative works of art as well as the refined eclecticism make of Dalton Somaré one of the most dynamic and fascinating Galleries on the international scene.

Leonardo Vigorelli and Grata Somaré founded in 1993 the Dalton Somaré Gallery as a result of their studies of anthropology and museum experiences as well as three decades of travels and field researches in the Himalayan range, in India, in Southeast Asia and Africa.
From 1999 the Gallery has taken part in the most important international events focused on Primitive and Oriental Art (Badnea / Bruneaf Bruxelles, Tribal and Textile Arts-San Francisco, Arts of the Pacific Asia Show-San Francisco, International Tribal Antiques-New York, Arts of Pacific Asia Show-New York, Kaos / Parcours des Mondes-Paris, Asia Week-New York, Asian Art in London-London).
Since 2018, with the favour of the renewed international profile of the city, Dalton Somaré is also present at Amart / Arte è Milano-Milan.
Since 2017 the Gallery is directed by Tomaso and Gerolamo Vigorelli.

Ingresso Galleria Dalton Somaré
Vista interna Galleria Dalton Somaré
Vista interna Galleria Dalton Somaré